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Refereed Articles / Chapters

Whitt, Clayton. 2018. “From Flooded Fields to a Vanished Lake: the Politics of Broken Water Cycles in the Bolivian Altiplano.” Geoforum.

Whitt, Clayton. 2018. “Fluid Terrain: Climate Contestations in the Mudflats of the Bolivian Highlands.” In Territory Beyond Terra, edited by Kimberley Peters, Philip Steinberg, and Elaine Stratford. London: Rowman & Littlefield International.

Other Publications


Whitt, Clayton. 2017. Review of Our Vanishing Glaciers by Robert William Sandford. The Ormsby Review.

Whitt, Clayton. 2017. “Dying and Drying: The Case of Bolivia’s Lake Poopó.” NACLA Contested Natures Blog.

Whitt, Clayton. 2016. Review of Letters to my Grandchildren by David Suzuki & A World for My Daughter: An Ecologist’s Search for Optimism by Alejandro Frid. BC Studies 192. Pp. 174-176

Whitt, Clayton. 2014. “Living Climate Change in the Bolivian Highlands Through Mud and Lightning.” Anthropology News, 55(7-8) July/August. Pp. 10-11.


Whitt, Clayton. 2017. “Atmospheric Politics: Negotiating Climate Change in the Bolivian Highlands.” University of British Columbia. .



Whitt, Clayton. 2018. “Entanglements of Climate Change and Extraction: The Conflicted Environmental Politics of the Bolivian Altiplano.” Latin American Studies Association, Barcelona, May 26.

Whitt, Clayton. 2017. “‘The Land Has Become Desert’: Water Pollution, Out-Migration, and Creating Community in the Bolivian Highlands.” Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) and International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) joint conference, Ottawa, May 4.

Whitt, Clayton. 2016. “Living (and Dying) with Lightning: Fear and Fragility under Bolivian Skies.” UBC Anthropology Graduate Student Association Speaker Series, Vancouver, November 3.

Whitt, Clayton. 2016. “Endless Flood: Space-Time and the Ethnography of Disaster in an Andean Village.” American Association of Geographers, San Francisco, March 29.

Whitt, Clayton. 2015. “Shifting Water Rhythms: Irrigators Confront Climate Change and Mine Waste in the Desaguadero River of the Bolivian Highlands.” American Anthropological Association, Denver, November 20.

Whitt, Clayton. 2015. “Spatialized Anxieties: Quinoa in a Transforming Andean Landscape”. Canadian Association of Geographers, Vancouver, June 4.

Whitt, Clayton. 2015. “‘Everything is Mixed Up’: Experiencing the Elements of Climate Change in the Bolivian Andes.” Thinking Mountains Conference, Jasper, AB, May 6.

Whitt, Clayton. 2015. “Fluid Terrain: Climate Change and the Textured Materiality of Daily Life in the Bolivian Highlands.” Association of American Geographers, Chicago, April 22.

Whitt, Clayton. 2013. “Climate Change and Bolivia: Three Atmospheric Currents.” UBC Anthropology Graduate Student Association Speaker Series, Vancouver, January 30.

Whitt, Clayton. 2012. “Pathways to a Spatial Theory of the Atmosphere: The Case of Climate Change.” UBC Anthropology Graduate Conference, Vancouver, March 3.

Invited Presentations

Whitt, Clayton. 2014. “El Estudio Antropológico del Cambio Climático.” Invited lecture for the Escuela de Líderes Medioambientales (School for Environmental Leaders), Centro de Ecología y Pueblos Andinos (Center for Ecology and Andean Peoples, or CEPA), Oruro, Bolivia, June 7.

Whitt, Clayton. 2014. “Cambio Climático y la Etnografía en el Altiplano Orureño.” Invited lecture for the staff and volunteers of el Centro de Ecología y Pueblos Andinos (CEPA), Oruro, Bolivia, April 21.

Press Coverage

Blair, Laurence. 2018. “The ecological catastrophe that turned a vast Bolivian lake into a salt desert.” The Guardian. January 4.


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